Who Runs Your School District? You or Unions? Find Out on August 15.

People of Vista and Oceanside! Do you want your school district to be responsible with YOUR money? Do you care about your school district and the teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and STUDENTS? Do you think construction union officials should have control of the district’s construction contracts – paid for by YOU?

On August 15 at 5:30 pm the school board of your Vista Unified School District will discuss requiring construction companies to sign a costly and unfair union Project Labor Agreement as a condition of working on future contracts for the Measure LL construction program. These contracts are funded by $247 million borrowed from Wall Street investors and repaid over many years, with interest, by YOU.

Voters – perhaps including you – approved Measure LL in November 2018 to allow the Vista Unified School District to borrow the $247 million. The bond measure included language committing the Vista Unified School District to fair and open competition in bidding for construction contracts. But now unions argue that language approved by voters doesn’t really matter.

Did you know that construction union lobbyists have been meeting with your school board? They want to cut competition and raise costs. They want a monopoly on construction contracts paid for with YOUR tax dollars. 

It’s a big secret. But we know about it. Now we’re letting YOU know.