Residents of Vista Unified School District Don’t Like Project Labor Agreements: Proof from 2010 Election

In November 2010, the people of San Diego County were asked to vote on Measure A, a proposed amendment to the charter (the mini-constitution) of the County of San Diego that prohibits the county government from requiring businesses to sign a Project Labor Agreement with construction unions as a condition of winning a county contract. The proposal passed easily, with 75.8% of voters rejecting costly union favoritism in the awarding of San Diego County contracts.

Like the rest of the county’s voters, a little more than three quarters (75%) of all voters in the cities of Vista (and Oceanside) supported this Project Labor Agreement ban.

You don’t find many ballot measures passing with more than 75% support. No wonder the September 12 Vista Unified School District board agenda provides ZERO information to residents about a Project Labor Agreement. The school board doesn’t want you to know what they’re doing.